Monday, June 24, 2019

Ivan K. Hill Recreational Park

2019 Spring Baseball, Softball and T-Ball Seasons Coming Soon

The 2019 spring baseball, t-ball and softball seasons are just around the corner. Registration is going on now and the seasons will start the last week of March. The park will provide teams for the following groups:

  • Boys Ages 4 - 14
  • Girls Ages 4 - 12

Directions to Winfield Park

Click here for easy-to-follow directions to Ivan K. Hill Park.

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Winfield Park History

Ivan K. Hill Park, consisting of approximately 60 acres, was first begun in the mid-1960's when the Winfield City Council, seeing the need for recreational opportunities, created the Winfield Park and Recreation Board and set aside land for the creation of the park. Over the years, the size of the park has increased as has the number of facilities and programs. Local, volunteer participation by citizens who wished to see more recreational opportunities like those available in larger communities, has been the backbone of the park since its beginning. A volunteer park board still exists as does the commitment by the City of Winfield to provide recreational opportunities for all ages.