Sunday, January 20, 2019

Ivan K. Hill Recreational Park

Construction Underway for New All-Inclusive Playground at City park

Diagram of New Playground

The Ivan K. Hill Recreational Park has begun construction of a new "all inclusive” playground that has multiple play areas for children of all ability levels. The playground will also have an ADA wheelchair platform swing.

Another nice feature will be a generation swing where a parent can face their child and swing with them.

Playground Construction Underway

The playground should be finished mid June and will be located just to the right of the large Lions Club Pavilion in the center of the park!

This project will be funded through multiple grants and through individual donations. Additional donations to finish paying for it would be gladly accepted! Stay tuned for further announcements and opening date for the new playground!

Park Staff Continues Playground Construction

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Winfield Park History

Ivan K. Hill Park, consisting of approximately 60 acres, was first begun in the mid-1960's when the Winfield City Council, seeing the need for recreational opportunities, created the Winfield Park and Recreation Board and set aside land for the creation of the park. Over the years, the size of the park has increased as has the number of facilities and programs. Local, volunteer participation by citizens who wished to see more recreational opportunities like those available in larger communities, has been the backbone of the park since its beginning. A volunteer park board still exists as does the commitment by the City of Winfield to provide recreational opportunities for all ages.