Friday, December 14, 2018

Ivan K. Hill Recreational Park

Spring Baseball and Softball Leagues Begin Soon

We are so excited for Spring ball to begin! Coaches for Winfield Park and Rec Baseball and Softball teams are listed below:

Age 4 Tee-Ball Age 6 & Under Tee-Ball
Theo Kimbrough
Nick Tucker
Chad May
Candace Shipp
Kent Nelson
Jeffery Touchstone
Matt Johnson
Glendon Renfroe
Age 6 & Under Baseball Age 6 & Under Softball
Eddie Bryant
Kyle Kleypas
Britton Lightsey
Age 8 & Under Baseball Age 8 & Under Softball
Dennis Aldridge
Andy Patton
Frank Wennberg, Sr.
Jason South
Jerica Galloway
Justin Rainey
Trey Griffin
Age 10 & Under Baseball Age 10 & Under Softball
Chase Cochran
Neal Box
Evan Shipp
Daniel Tidwell
Chris Carothers
Scott Earnest
Age 12 & Under Baseball Age 12 & Under Softball
Jami Rainey
Johnny Faucett
Douglas Keel
Judd May
Tony Shaw

We are still in need of a 6 & Under Tee Ball coach if anyone would like to volunteer! Contact the park at 205-487-6710.

"Parkfest 2018" will be April 7, 2018!

Directions to Winfield Park

Click here for easy-to-follow directions to Ivan K. Hill Park.