Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ivan K. Hill Recreational Park

2015 Winfield / Marion County Color Maps

Our Color Map Project Is About to Begin

Beginning Monday May 11th, Angela McClain with SE Map Solutions Inc., along with Gina Bryant with Winfield Park Recreation Inc., as a fund raiser for the Park, will be visiting the local business owners to review previous ad space as well as add new businesses.

These maps were last updated in 2010 and supplies have been diminished.

They are distributed by the Winfield City Hall, Winfield Chamber of Commerce, Winfield Park Recreation, Inc., Marion County Courthouse and E911, as well as all sponsors on the maps.

The sponsors advertising on the last maps will have first right of refusal, so don't delay in letting me know if you'd like your business on this highly demanded publication.

There are various sizes available.

The total circulation is approximately 7,000 maps over a 2 - 3 year period, giving you the most for your advertising dollar.

These maps are used by visitors as well as locals daily. The maps are a very important tool in promoting the area and the businesses and civic entities within.

For more information and advertising rates, please contact Gina Bryant with Winfield Park and Recreation Department at 205-487-6710 Angela McClain at 662-415-4084.

Directions to Winfield Park

Click here for easy-to-follow directions to Ivan K. Hill Park.